The Mask

This Adults Only flash film effectively uses simple designs and layouts to communicate.... well.... concepts..

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Frank said...

I am unable to condone the actions and motivations of human existence this animation portrays.

But by forcing me to use the word condone, the animator has evidently made me think about the story. To think about an animation, such things like "why?", rather than just watching and being mindlessly entertained is what, I think, we should aim for when we animate.

I've been ambushed by this one. It was effective, granted. But my morals were affronted by what could be the truth challenging my preferred world view.

Do animatators have to shock to provoke thought in their audience? Isn't that the peurile, limited attention seeking tactics used by inarticulate, swearing rock stars and American Presidents?

Surely we can be more intelligent in the way we plant incendiary ideas in our audience's minds to set them alight?

Once again I have mostly questions and no answers. That's a student's job.

That said. Yes the simple looking designs were effective at communicating. It's also how we know where the toilets are in other countries.