Idiots and Angels

Southbank student Frank pointed out this new stuff from the awesome Bill Plymton. Bill is the man, I had lunch with him once at the Morningside RSL.... really I did!


Frank said...

I like the graphic style. The music is fantastic. The camera angles and depiction of wind are very meaningful.

I also had just watched JoJo in the Stars (the BLOG item under this one) and it seems that contemplating falling is a story contemporary theme.

I think Mr. Plympton could edit the stuff he has already back to a point before the angel goes bad and moons the jumbo. Then he'd have a nice story.

But is that the point? Human nature taking over? What did you have for lunch at the RSL?

Yes I'm finishing my dialogue assignment - just tracing inbetween bitmaps at the moment.

Ian said...

Steak and chips of course, what else is there to eat at an RSL.

There is a picture of Bill visiting us at Oska, but I can't find a copy. Maybe Mark, Heidi or Lisa have one they could post. Anyway it was grand :)

Lisa said...

I'll back you up Ian...I've got a photo at home somewhere of all us with im :-) gimme until tonight and I"ll post it up unless someone else beats me.

and yeah, steak and chips at the RSL. Full of vitamin....ah, let's face it they aren't healthy.

Sam said...

I like how it starts off saying "If David Lynch had done animation, this would be it".

David Lynch has actually done animation. He created a series of shorts in Flash called Dumbland. They are bad. So horribly bad that they can only be some sort of absurdist Dada art. Which is cool by me.

I could understand why Bill Plympton tries to pretend they never existed though.

Cassie said...

ARGGGGHHHH!! he's taken it away *sob* and I haven't seen it yet!

Frank said...

Don't worry Cassie someone will find it on a video website. It's worth watching.