Bills Visit

Hey hey, big thanks to Lisa for finding her copy of this pic and emailing it to me. This is Bill Plympton visiting the Oska Studio in 2004 (I think). From left to right, Mark (Flash animator extraordinaire (is he holding his bumb?)), Heidi (Moving on from animation to Nursing, a great loss to the Brisi animation community), Lisa (now a senior animator at Krome), Bill (the man), Jane (studying again), Me (Check out that hat.... what a looser!), and Darren (think he still dose some teaching at Griffith, but not sure what else he's up to these days).

It was a great day, Bill is super easy going. It was like he was one of the gang after just a few minutes.


Lisa said...

sorry for the quality of the photo, it was scanned from a print, which had been sitting on our dusty television for about 2 years...:-P..hence a layer of dusty stuff on it.

Sam said...

Wow, what was the reason for his visit?

And Ian, why didn't you have a pair of company-issue muttonchops?

Lisa said...

what, are you suggesting us girls should have had muttonchops too? :-D

Bill was out here for the BIAF (Brisbane International Animation Festival) where he was showing his latest feature 'Hair High' (i think) and selling artwork and dvds.

Ian said...

Lisa are you implying I didn't have muttonchops because I was one of the girls?!?!? :P

Lisa said...

no, Ian, he did say 'company-issue' which generally means everyone :-)

anyway, it was great meeting him, I hope he comes back Down Under again sometime