Hey Everyone! Look Over There! JOBS!!!

HOLLY MANOLLY! Can you believe it? At tafe there are just 6 weeks till the end of year screening and only 8 weeks left in total.

At this time of the year you can't help but think of the future, whos hiring? Well the answer is very encouraging. I just picked some studios off the top of my head an every single one is employing in some way. Its an animation gold rush! Even for those of you who have no love for 3D, some of these studios have jobs for old fationed paper and pencil artist too!

Don't be discouraged if they are senior positions, or they ask for experience. The fact that they are all looking at the same time means they are finding it hard to get the staff they need. If your reel or portfolio is good enough they may just consider giving you a go.


Terry said...

Ian... that was the BEST POST EVER!

Lisa said...

my goodness, and the other wonderful aspect of this is....they are all in BRISBANE! woot!