Surfs Up Cliporama

Friend of the ARC, KT from Liquid Animation sent me a link to a whole page of clips from the upcoming Sony release Surfs Up.

KT says . . . . .

"there's a whole heap to watch...both movie clips and behind the scenes interviews etc... and from watching the animation, i must say i am really really looking forward to this movie... by judging the character animation in these short clips, i can see that this is going to surpass happy feet by a mile!!!!"
As with everything at Sony it dose look incredible, but after the enormous let down of Open Season (Shrek with fur), I'm not going to get my hopes up about the story. I read that this film had three different directors because Sony kept firing them, so it sounds like there is a high degree of studio interference in creative issues, which is usually a bad sign.

Never the less, the character design, art direction and old school toony acting are great to have a look at. Thanks KT.

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