Ta Daaaa!

A new look for the blog. Why you may ask?

Well it became clear not long after I started to blog that this could never be officially linked with the Southbank Institute of Technology Animation course. There are some heavy copyright issues relating to all the stuff I post here, and the Tafe can’t (and doesn’t) profit from it. So I didn’t see the point on having the reference to Southbank in the title.

Another thing is that I wanted the blog to be more inclusive, I may be doing some lecturing at QUT this coming semester, and I would like to invite the students there to join our little online community. I’m also going to bug some of the other animation related teachers from around Brisbane and see if any of them are interested in contributing (can only hope).

Feedback I have been getting from students is that they don’t get around to checking all the pages, so I’m taking this opportunity to consolidate back to a simpler set up. The Friends of the “ARC” will still make contributions, they will just be featured here on the main page and I’ll label them so you can click on “Friends” in the Label section (down the right of screen) and see them all separately. Labels were added to Blogger a few months after I kicked this whole thing off anyway and they make all this complicated gear I was doing with different blog pages kind of redundant anyway.

Lastly, its just nice to shake things up from time to time isn’t it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Ian! Just Awesome!.... I still read it even tho I dont reply never. Its one of the best resorses on the net...

- Clay

Ian said...

Hey great to hear your still out there Clay, hope Tassy is treating you well :)

Anonymous said...

Tassy is treating me very well. Heck its cold.

I saw those pictures of the new sbit animation rooms. Thats hillariously awesome!

Oh... remeber a guy from dinsey named Stu? I dunno his last name or anything but hes doing visual fx and stuff on Pixel Pinkie.. Looks awesome.


Ian said...

Should I know Stu? Dose Stu know me? It has been about 8 years since I worked their..... man I feel old.

Hi Stu! If I should know you.

Great to hear your having fun down there Clay. Its cold here too, but I bet colder there :)

Anonymous said...

He knows you but it seems like not very well...