Whats Killing Your Creativity?

Here is a great lecture for a guy named Ken Robinson, and he is talking about the way current education systems around the world are at odds with creativity.

It put me in mind of the problems I have getting some students to do linetesting while their work is still in progress. You have been taught that failing at something is the worst thing that can happen, so instead of testing you add more and more, trying to eliminate the chance of there being anything "wrong" in the test. Unfortunately the only way you can learn new things is to fail, which means that something "wrong" it is really the best thing that can happen to you, especially while your studying.

This means that when I have failed as a teacher (I'm not going to pretend it doesn't happen or that its never my fault) is when something happens too easily for the student. Unfortunately, being able to do things easily is what you (generally speaking) have been brainwashed into thinking is the ideal. Its what you desire.

The lecture is 20 mins long, but I think its worth every second. How much are you going to let the system limit your artistic ambition or ability. You are already most of the way through the system, so to get back into a state of mind where your looking for opportunities to try and fail will probably take some effort. Who knows you may even fail a few times while you're giving it a go ;)

Thanks to SBIT-Friend Mark O for bringing this to my attention.

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Le Roi de Potiron said...

tops. gotta love ted.com. tis very easy to squander hours there.