The feedback I have been getting from students and friends of the blog is that there is to much spread out all over the place for people to follow everything that go's on here, and it is perhaps fair to say that I got a bit carried away. So its time for a clean out.

The IN-DEPTH and STUDENTS AND FRIENDS pages are going. We will have the SBIT ANIMATION page(Main blog), the DRAWING ROOM and THE SBIT FORUM will remain. We'll see how that go's.

Since the new blogger came out with its fancy "Labels" system separate blogs for separate subjects has become a bit redundant anyway. So if you want to see the In-Depth articles just click on the label down the right hand side of the screen and it will locate them all for you. I'm gona list the best of the In-Depth articles here with links so that you can still access them after I remove the link from the top right hand corner and the home page.

  • Rob O'Connor is an Instructional Designer at Liquid animation, click the pick to see his article about some of his favourite going ons in the Australian Multi Media industry.

  • KARL is a former student (2005) who now works in South Africa. Click the pic to read his reflections on the studio process he now participates in.

  • KT is also a former student (2005), she now works at Liquid animation and free lances as well. Click this pic to read her reflections on one of her favourite Flash cartoons, Arj and Poopy.

  • This one is me prattling on about the power of compositing, and how it is making animation cheaper and faster to produce.

  • A fun look at some sketches from a great British sketch comedy, The Fast Show, and how they apply character acting techniques.


I will do a similar summary for the best bits of the Students and Friends Page page soon too.

While we are taking stock lets looks at some stats:

  • There have been 305 posts on the animation Central Page.
  • It has had 5,473 hits
  • There are now links to over 100 films here (most of em still work :P)

Its all good and there are more changes (hopefully improvements) on the way.

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