Steve Wins Tropfest!

Steve Baker, SBIT grad and Flash animator, won first prize at Tropfest - the world's biggest short film festival - on Sunday night!

Steve's film, An Imaginary Life, was made in 3 weeks in his spare time. You can watch it HERE.

Steve is an SBIT graduate who has found great success in making his own short films as well as music clips, commercials and an upcoming ABC series.

The prizes that he's won are unbelievable. Click HERE to check them out. (You'll have the click the "2007 winners announced" link.)

Here are some links to various media stories about Steve's win:

The Age

Steve was going to come in and give us a guest lecture at some point... hopefully now he's not too important to bother with us any more!


Ian said...

WOOOHOOOO! Brisi animators rock!

clay said...

I started to read an article about someone who thinks its too much like fosters imaginary friend show and wants to sue. I didnt read the whole story cause I found it rediculas and wanted to punch and american.

Ian said...

I thought it was more like a David Firth film, but who cares there is still plenty thats original about it. I love it!

Heidi said...

Using blue on a character is obviously a big no no. I guess that means in future we will be reprimanded for using the colour brown for bears (read yogi) or green for frogs (read kermit), yellow for birds (read tweety bird), or red for balloons (and boy are there a huge number of films with red balloons... even a song).

Maybe it's a ploy to force people to use biege in their films (it's certainly lacking in popular culture!)

Mark Osberg said...

I guess my idea for a dancing penguin is out too.
The similarities are superficial and the people making the comparisons are retarded. It's a great film and a good example of some of the talent here in Brisbane. Way to go Steve.

Terry said...

There is a GREAT response to this "controversy"by John Polson, Tropfest creator, at . It's a news item titled "The News Vs The Truth".