Blowing my own Trumpe.... er Sax!

I don't mind telling you that I've made a lot of animation. In my last two full time years at Oska Software I produced around 20 seconds of animation a day, that's just under an hour and a half a year (not that quantity equals quality, there was a lot of animation I wasn't so proud of in all that). You would think then after 12 or so years of experience that my animation would be all over the place, hiding down behind the sofa cushion, stacked up at the back of the cupboard and so on, but it is amazing how little of my work is actually in a spot where I can say, "there it is, see!"

So I thought I would take the time to point out some work I did recently for the Chinese McDonald's web page, via Liquid Animation. Some of the SBIT friends who know of my politically active lefty background will find the fact that I have contributed (in a minute way) to the spread of this capitalist giant into China quite amusing I'm sure. But it was the first job Liquid offered me, and I'm keen for that to evolve into an ongoing relationship so I was hardly going to turn my nose up at it.

Anyway it actually turned out to be quite a bit of fun, I animated it in just over a weekend (anim only, not modelling or texturing and such), I had a much longer sound clip than they play on the web site and animated in sync with it (funny that they have such a big animation file on the site but skimped on the music). There are three parts, the hold, the walk and the sax playing, that all had to be able to connect together and are played randomly.

It takes ages to download (even on broadband) and I had to leave the web page open for a few minutes before it would play smoothly.
Hope you like it :)
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Lisa said...

ahh Ian. One word - Fantastic! very swish, and in a weekend too - 3 thumbs up!! Now, why is he wearing sunglasses at night?