Inventive Hands

How old is animation now, it must be 60 or more years. Yet, there are still people out there thinking of new things to do with it. It is perhaps a shame that it has to come to us in the form of a commercial, but at least its getting out there. I think the days of flourishing art for its own sake are behind us and we (animators and artists in general) have to make the most of the avenues that are available to us........ Anyway! this is a wonderfully simple idea, they are often the best kind.


Heidi said...

This reminds me of the czech animator Jan Svankmajer. He did some stop-mo with food I believe. And that great film called "Alice"

Terry said...

Yeah, but this has less of a sense of dread, gloom and impending doom. (Love your icon Heids, it's very you!)