Alota Posts

The Animation Central and Students and Friends blogs have just recently passed 200 posts between them, and it occurred to me that this whole thing might start to come in handy as a reference tool. So I have unhidden the search bars (at the very top of the page) on these two blogs so that you can look things up if you want.
I've had a play with it, and it works OK, you can look up "walk" or "test" to see all the animation tests that have been put up on the Students and friends page, or look up a studio like "Disney", or "Aardman" on the Central page to find all the articles about them. In hindsight I do wish I had been a bit more careful with the words I had used in some cases so that posts would be associated with particular things one might search for, but you live and learn, and I'll try to bare it in mind from now on.
A big THANK YOU goes out to all the readers, especially those of you willing to comment and contribute to the Students and Friends page. When classes start again (in just over a week now) I'll be kicking things off again on the Drawing Room page too.

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