Some Feedback For Me

Something interesting is that the days I posted my big rants about students resisting the processes I was trying to teach in class the blog had its busiest two days (over 100 hits for each post). I guess they were so long that some of you came back a few times to read them and perhaps it was a bit controversial, but I was never the less surprized. I had been resisting that sort of thing because I thought it would drive people away, instead it seemed to attract people more.

So I thought I'd ask for some feed back
(from students and friends).
Do you want to hear more of my rants?
Would they still be as interesting if they happened regularly?

Would you rather read them or listen to them, or both?
Is there anything else you want more of on the blog?
How do you think the blog is going in general?

Leave a comment (you can be anonymous if you want) and let me know. :)


Tezky said...

personally i would like to see more rants, cause there always good for helping improve work and at least a lot of them are really good for scaring me into trying harder.

Now that I'm finishing this course for good, through this blog will be the only way to see your rant and get helpful tip that they supply.

Terry said...

Ian, the word "rant" implies (to me at least) an angry, nigh-incomprehensible and illogical bit of screaming and yeling, and your "rants" aren't anything like that... you make great points in a passionate and articulate manner. And so i say... more rants!

Zimbo said...

Foy shoy, indeed, I conquer. Ian this blog is absolutely fantastic I really love the post of other illustrator's blogs and the clips and other animation related articles. It definitely keeps me up to date with what is going on without having to try really, and a great run down of relevant pros and cons with issues that are noteworthy even in the ‘real’ world.

sophie said...

I am 'pro-rant' and think you should keep them coming. Personally I think I would just read them but the podcast thing could be a good idea. Also would depend how long they are! The blog in general is awesome - except that I don't have a big enough download limit to keep up with all the cool stuff you keep posting!! :(

Codey said...

yeah i think the rants r important to us students because it puts sertain aspects ov the industry in perspective 4 us, most things are personal common sense things really, such as comming to TAFE to do work n not to socialize the whole time, which is a good moderation.
but also im sure rants are an inevitable factor within the industry itself.
as 4 having the rants on the blog, id probly hav the same problem as soph with download time, although it wood still b benifitial 2 the passing second years im sure.
i think with typing 'rants'on the blog, the problem would be that the words 'I HATE U' wouldnt come across as affective without a personal death-stare!!!

but thats just my opinion :D

shaneo said...

i'll keep it simple, and say
viva la rantng!

i think, by reading the other posts, there is a definate loss on the true meaning of 'rant'. if we take it for what it is, a loud out burst of higher knowledge, then, i see no problems with it. we learn from our mistakes. someone needs to step up and rant a little... how else are we to higher our game without a little critism?

personally, i like the reading aspect of the rants. those of us who can read that is...

Student said...

i love the rants they give off alot of good info an help to get us ready for the real industry. it also helps us to find good sites and animators that we probably wouldnt find. the long reading isnt to bad but some recording would be great, but it has to be done in a funny voice.

KT said...

I'll firstly back karl up on this 100% - that this blog is da sh!t!!!! it's so comprehensive, and it's great that you're keeping us ALL up to date on what's happening animation wise - every couple of days there's something new and i find that fantastic! i really really admire your efforts in getting this blog up and running - coz the results are beginning to show!!!

as for your anti- "rude, crude, hurtful, unnecessary, bitchy, loud, offensive" rants... keep em coming matey!!! we ALL (except for me of course.. hehehehehheheeh) need someone like you to give the lazy bums (not me, of course!) a nice, gentle friendly kick up the arse every now and again so we can keep on track with how the real animating world is supposed to work - not how we'd like it to be. people think they get get somewhere doing things in their comfortable little warm shell of techniques and styles and time frames - BOLLOCKS!

YOUR RANTS ARE MUCH NEEDED IAN! else everyone will just think this industry is a cruisy ride - which it aint! KEEP EM COMING!!!!!! BE CONTROVERSIAL!!! it takes sooo much to drill ideas into people's brains these days, so if that calls for a little controversial rant, so be it!

Atiys said...

Keep the rants coming :D

Ian said...

More rants it is :)