Blogday Monday!

Before you read further can I ask one more time that you go down and post a comment on the previous post. (We have had 25 + visitors so far today and only 3 comments) Thankyou Terry, Terry, Sophie and Karl for your views. As I have touched on in the Friends Page I really hope I can get students to comment more, it can be three words, and will only take you a few seconds, you never know you may enjoy being part of things.
Today's Blog is from illustrator and character designer David Colman. Among other things David designed all the characters for the Cartoon Network hit series, "Class of 3000". I love that he seems to cover so many different styles.
Also I just wanted to re-mention some of the previous blogs I've posted before that are worth checking in with again. From what I see at tafe many people just visit these blogs once, you should bare in mind that many of them are evolving and worth bookmarking to come back to again.
I love this one and visit it often.
Pocoyo is my favorite animation on TV at the moment. I just cant get enough of it. And now there are a few episodes on Youtube, so I might as well post one of them here too! The animation is so "punchy", the poses are so clean, clear and expressive, and the minimal style is gorgeous.

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