Monday Blogday

Tied Down Final on Vimeo

Well its going to be my last week of Blogging for 2006, I'm gona take December off (accept maybe for an in depth post I've been musing about. But if your a blog addict (I think there are one or two of you) don't stress. I've been compiling a whole bunch of stuff for an UBER CHRISTMAS POST that will literally have hours and hours of stuff for you to look at, listen to and read so you can keep coming back to see a bit more whenever you need another fix, or you can sit down with some popcorn and watch/listen/read the whole lot in one go.

This afternoons Blog is
Hand Drawn Nomad, by a California based traditional animator Matt Williames. It's full of interesting articles, cool illustrations and some great linetests like this one. Enjoy.

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