Get Linked!

With a whole bunch of you about to trot off into the world (in many cases never to be seen again), I thought I'd put up a post about Linked In. Matt (from ILM in Sanfran) first pointed this out to me, he says its all the rage among the animation folk in the US for keeping up to date with each others movements and such. Then when I joined up I found that a whole bunch of my old friends from Disney were on there too.
click the pic for the link.
You can make connections and see who your connections are connected to, and so on. Before you know it you can be looking at the details of someone who works at Pixar or Wetta or whatever, from anywhere in the world. Even if you don't use it much its interesting just to look around and see who you are only a few degrees of separation away from. For those of you just leaving, its a great way to keep track of your old friends, if you keep your details up to date then your connections can always look you up and find you, no matter where you career takes you. Check it out, after you sign up do a search for me and I'll be glad to connect to your network.

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