Endangered Species

I'm not sure how I feel about this film. On the one hand it is well made and got a chuckle or two from me, but on the other I can't help but wonder if the original pioneers who are glorified so much in this film would have achieved what they did if they had spent their time sitting around longing for yester year. I think Walt Disney could be a bit of a corporate monster himself at times, and much of the technology the animators used back in the early years must have seemed strange and unruly to them. This film must have taken some time to make, a long time to be dwelling on how good things used to be. Not that I'm a stranger to making films as therapy, about 6 years ago I made a piece that was all about my frustration at being on the other side of the world to where all the animation action was. At the time I told myself it was for my showreel, but I look back now and realise I was just working things out. The piece didn't do me any good on the reel. There is so much to be said for a positive frame of mind and a constructive attitude. If animation is going to leap further forward it will be the proactive people who achieve it, not those looking wistfully out the rear vision mirror.

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Dana said...

I have to agree with you on this one Ian. I love the idea of animators beeing a different species cause if you think about it, I think we are sometimes.
But saying that the older animators sit around, wishing that they were back in the old days, is stupid. If we did sit around wishing for the old days, there wouldn't be any animation today...or at least very little of it.
I mean it was Walt Disney who came up with that great quote at the end of Meet the Robinsons that pretty much says "Keep moving forward"
And that's what we do as animators, we keep moving forward. The new inventions that they talk about in the film, like turning to computers to animate, the only reason we get to use them today is because other animators were moving forward with the times and found a way to use them for their own use's.

Ok im gonna stop ranting now because im not entirely sure if any of that made any sense at all...but oh well. I've had my input and im happy ^__^

frank said...

I quite liked it. I can appreciate the effort and research that it took. Quite subjective as Ian points out.

The audience need some knowledge of animation history to appreciate the detail.

Nice homage animations for each stage. That were well animated according to my untrained eyes.

The use of the "Attenbrough" narrator voice and concept is a bit tired, a bit 'under graduate', along with fake Latin scientific classification of imaginary beings.

It's a short film made by a film maker. As compared to a short animated film made by an animator. Lots of zooms on static graphics.

All round interesting. A bit despairing but tried to finish on an up beat Miyazki reference.

As for "old days" ... some people believe that existence is a bif wheel. So the film may actually be predicting the future.

frank said...

correxions: Miyazaki + 'big' wheel