ARC? - Part 2

Here is a stab at a layout. I suppose even if this goes nowhere then this map in its self may be useful to some. But just imagine if you could click on any of these and they linked you to all the best free online resources on that topic, that would be cool.
Man it looks like a big job though.


frank said...

The layout looks logical, if dare I say it, a bit multimedia-ish :)

Ian said...


I might be doing some part time multi media work in the future so I better be careful.

How many people you you think I'm going to tick off by having a section referred to as "Secondary". Putting story in there in particular is going to get me killed. But I really want the emphasis to be on the process of doing the actual animation. Maybe I just need better labels for the categories.

frank said...

Well we all know from political spin that the language you choose is very important in fooling the audience.

Just as a little test where would a tutorial on traditional 2D spacing tips and tricks be located? For example: Hand Drawn Nomad: Spacing: Tricks of the Trade

frank said...

Then there follows more in depth spacing notes:

Hand drawn Nomad

This second bunch I find technically challenging and daunting, but with a bit of concentration, understandable.

The way I best grasped the concept of spacing and timing was through Richard Williams's illustrations in his text.

Applying that knowledge is a whole different kettle of fish.

So that breaks things up further:
- explaining the animation process
- exercises in applying and demonstrating the animation process.

Maybe start with the chillies?

Ian said...

I think these would go in the timing section, the first one rated basics (one ollie?) the second intermediate (two ollies?)

They are great by the way, I learned something from them.

I don't know if an online resource can cover applying the process very well. You need feedback to do that from a teacher or mentor you can trust (that means no deviant art) :)

There may be articles out there that frame information within an exercise for the reader, but wether or not the reader could be arsed to do the exercise is something I have long since given up on influencing.

Man.... SIN IC AL or what?