This ad for a French childrens TV station is pretty much a short film in its own right. Very nice.

Found at: Motionographer


Dana said...

omg...i loved that! It was so cute and wonderfully made. The use of different mediums work's great in this. It's one of those pieces that make you think "god i wish this was actually real", well at least that's what I got from it.

And they solved the age old mystery of what happens to balloon's when you let go of them outside :p

frank said...

Nice narrative. I often ask, "Where do seagulls go at night?" or "Do flies sleep?"

The animation had a ;ot of appeal with the rendering, colour, atmospheric music.

But right in the first sequence with the cat's walk cycle, do the hind legs hold a bit too long while off the ground?

Just as importantly as the shine off a bit of special animation polish, can a detail like that catch in a viewers eye, like a piece of sand? Do glitches show up just as much as subtle performance lifters?

Can anyone else see what I did?