Red Feather

Maybe I'm just tired, but I almost missed the punch line in this one. A nice little tale though.

Found at: No Fat Clips


Ian said...

Is it just me, or is the little cats behaviour more dog like than cat like in this film. Especially when it wags its tail (happy?) at the end.

Maybe our resident animal expert Frank will have an opinion :)

frank said...

I like that the animator took lots of time to animate the thinking in this film.

The old character's 'beak' and eyebrows were fantastic! Who needs eyes?

Ian, I reckon some cats are like that. Very dog-like. particularly Burmese and big, fat, old ginger toms.

The bird at the end is a Cardinal. I remember seeing one when I was in London, Ontario. Spectacular plumage. Bit like the suctioned, prune skinned, gangster wives on the Gold Coast.

But, Ian, what did you think of the trees?

Rosie is still here inbetweening, I'll see if she has any comments.

I missed the punchline on first viewing as well. Maybe Rosie will see it?


OK Rosie watched it. We found the punchline. She liked the camera angles, especially making the girl so small and the snoring protagonist so large.

We also agree that a dog would not have had the vocabulary to carry off the dialogue.

Ryan, from 1st year, is also here, by the way, he was hiding in the corner animating a bear.

7pm, time to go home. All of us.

Saying bear, makes me think of beer.

Ian said...

I also loved the design of the old guy, he reminded me of a Mupet. The Mupets rock!