Animation Ramble - The Power of Subtle Changes In Timing

Lets play with some timing....


Cassie said...

Bliptv. is blocked.
sorry Ian:(

frank said...

The difference is quite subtle. I can't really consciously see it. But I can sense a difference. As Ian points out, this sword fight is quite frantic. It lasts about 4 seconds.

On a closer study, running the clip through a few times, the adjusted example seems to have more power/ consequence to the sword clashes.

In addition, I think the thing I picked up on in classes in the past few weeks, is when an action is really fast, then animating the build up and consequence of the action delivers the message in a clear way.

Could that be applied in a sword fight? I guess we would have to see the responses of the opponent.

If the timing and consequences of action are subtly altered in such away, I think the animation turns out stronger.

It would then seem to me as a student, that animating aimed at a viewer's subconscious response, using the knowledge and techniques developed over the past 80 years, understanding timing, change in timing, communicating the consequences of action, will make an animator's work stand out from the hobbyists.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll get the chance at getting employed.