1st Year Student Work - Jumps

In my studio animation class with the 1st years studying animation at Southbank, the students have just recently finished their first (and alas what may be their only) piece of animation that employs the old school full traditional animation process from beginning to end. I thought I would share some of my favourites out of those that have posted their work on their blog so far. Considering that in many cases this was the students very first full key frame animation with a character there is some good stuff here. I'm confident that we are raising the bar with each passing year :)


frank said...

Regarding the bar and the need for beer after 3D tutorials: I am glad that I am tall.

Nice work 1st years. Hopefully the bar will remain within reach for the most passionate, the most thirsty and the hardest workers.

frank said...

I think when planning an animation exercise, a quick squiz whiz past the 11 second club monthly task would be interesting. To see if the assessment and the task could be amalgamated.

Then those students who are fast and competent at completing the exercise above the minimum assessment, may be able to extend their class exercise into an 11 second club entry and receive feedback from an audience of international industry animators.

More motivation and more feedback. That's a big "YUMMY" for students (at least for those who say yummy).

If a student wins the 11 second club, I'll buy them a Cherry Ripe!

Danielli said...

good to see my inbetweening on Ryans juming man turned out well.
Let me take a moment to inflate my ego!!!