Animation Ramble - Whats It All Mean?

A question worth asking about your animation.


frank said...

After scribbling about a herzagillion rough (but not rough enough) key frames today, and burning a hole in the monitor staring at about kerkritzillion line tests. I've learnt to get the broad strokes of movement and meaning down, then layer the minutae on top. My drawings don't even have fingers or eyes, yet.

So what it means after a refreshing ale for the cooling towers of an animation reactor is; draw the big meaning then add the convolusions and detail like a delicious lasagne (as long as you don't try to flip the layers to check your arcs).

frank said...

Oh, and rats do have tiny little hands. It's disconcerting.

Dana said...

Look Ian, I'm commenting again, happy?

Now that we've started storyboarding, I now feel as though I have something to comment about! This is so useful for our new task, it gives me heaps to think about. Rather exciting really though I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate that 10 seconds of dialog for ever now :p

And you know what, I has just gone to bed when you sent that email about the test last night, that's just mean.

Sam said...

I definitely agree that there are really interesting possibilities when animating someone who is lying or has something to hide.

Hitchcock often had scenes where dialogue was essentially meaningless and trivial, but the story was told in how the characters eyes and mannerisms seemed preoccupied with something else. Suddenly a chat about the weather is infused with drama and paranoia.

The Loud One said...

Thanks for a shove in the right direction. We're doing our first gourp 3D actiong/dialog scene and its been confusing the hell out of me. So many ideas, poses, movements you want to cram in to a 16 sec piece.

Thanks to this and a few other articles on the arc, i'm able to wrap my head around things better. :D franks description about animation being a 'delicious lasagna' is right on the mark.