Mika's Marshmallow Train

A beautiful little clip.

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Still battling PC and time management problems, but should be able to get things back on track in the next few days.

Found at: No Fat Clips


Lisa said...

what's up with the PC Ian? Hopefully nothing too bad?

Ian said...

virus >:(

The latest AVG update today seems to be on it, which means it must be a new on. The file is called "onlinegames", its a bitch, beware!

If I can't get everything back to normal by tomorrow I will be seeking professional help. perhaps for my computer and me :P

Dana said...

Your right Ian, that was a totally gorgeous animation. I love the way Mika moves and how she bounces sometimes, that was rather inspiring.

And down right cute! A perfect way to cheer anyone up on a bad day

Lisa said...

i recommend SpyBot as another line of defence - it's good at keeping things out as well...hope things are improving!

Mitch said...

what great about a marshmellow train is that the glass is ALWAYS half full...

you're chugging along, thinking to yourself, "wow, I'm in a marshmellow train, this is awesome"
next minute, BOOM! the train crashes and catches on fire. usually you'd be all like.. SH!T my leg's broken, omfg we're on fire... but no.. it's now "Oh wow, what a soft landing, and now I'm sitting in a giant tasty camping-trip treat"

Queensland Rail should think about a marshmellow project. I feel the winds a chaingin' Ian... In a more... delightfully fluffy direction.

But yes! cool little clip. I looks a little like playdoh in some scenes, unless it was just the IDEA to make them look more like clay. Some bits were 2d and some 3d and it worked in well together. like a huge collage of different types of animation.