Jason Ryan Has The Answer

At the risk of sounding condecending (but what the hell I am a teacher) I really feel sorry for the students not making time to come by the ARC these days, its exciting times. So many great discussions and new things to learn, I'm loving it.

animation goldWhich brings me to the next exciting developement. What if there is a way we can make it so that drawing is still at the core of the 3D process we use at Southbank? Sound good?

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frank said...

Take it easy on the bear comments, or it might become mad bear day everyday :)

frank said...

AND he has an accent! That tutorial was awesome! I'm waiting for my Jason Ryan newsletter.

Suddenly Maya is a lot less scary.

Can we use the Pencil program, like they use Flipbook?

We could probably use Flash as well for the stick figure tests?

Ian said...

Pencil will work just the same. if they ever bloody install it on the computers.

But given our group im thinking doing the animation at a good old fationed lightbox and then using monkeyjam to get the drawings into maya might be the go.

Flash will to the trick too.

You can import image sequences and AVIs onto image planes, so anything you can save we can get into Maya.

Dana said...

This is such a fab idea, I love it! Being able to draw your key frames 1st and then import them into maya would make the process easier and maybe even satisfy those people who love traditional animation

frank said...

There's a nice discussion thread with Jason Ryan on the 11 Second Club. He gives up a lot of his time, it seems, and plennty of good advice to animators bold enough to ask.


Cassie said...

wow-ee you must be on the net 24/7, :) Nice catch!

Ian said...

I just recieved confirmation today that Pencil has been installed on our class computers so we can apply this technique easaly with digitally drawn animation now :)

frank said...

Hi Ian I signe up for Jason Ryan's newsletter and sent him a short message.

He replied;" Hey there Franko,
Where are you learning animation mate? Thanks for signing up and I'm so glad that there are places that teach the Principles and not just the software. Cheers for posting, I'm glad that you're enjoying the Tutorials so far.

All the Best.....J"

So I said we're studying down at Southbank (come and meet some friends of mine) and directed him there, through the ether, via the ARC. Hope that's OK?

Anyhow we better get started tidying up in case he drops round.

frank said...

That's great that Pencil has been installed. There may be a dearth of Wacoms and pens now! I'll try and borrow Mitch's.

Ian said...

Isn't it great when these people are willing to email.

I remember when I emailed clay (animation podcast) some questions and he wrote back. Makes you marvel at the internet, being able to chat with top shelf animators on the other side of the world.

Ian said...

I just had a gmail chat with friend of the ARC Matt about how this technique would be greeted in his workplace in San Francisco. To my delight he said there are already animator there who use Jason’s Technique and the directors are fine with it. That’s clinched it, this is now the new Southbank Institute of Technology system for teaching 3D character animation.

I think that if it has a weakness it would be with more subtle stuff, I’ll have to make sure I still cover ways of approaching that, but on the whole I’m chuffed that there is a way we can teach 3D and keep drawing central to the process. Thankyou Jason Ryan. :)