At The Helm of The ARC

Where the heck all this Blog stuff going?!!?!?!

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Sam said...

Woohoo, congrats on selling the show!

In old media terms your rants would be called "editorials" which gives them much more gravitas.

Dana said...

HORRAH FOR IAN!!! I look forward to watching your show ^___^
I agree with sam about teh rants, calling them editorials sounds cool.
Personally, I love both the rants you do. The "line of action" type one gives us mor knowledge on animation and the "qualifications" type post helps with figuring out the answers to our questions. Both very very helpful.

Btw...does tafe start up again on monday or tuesday?

frank said...

Hey Ian

I think it's good to bring a student on board as a guest poster, so as to get a student's point of view.

I like that Terry, Jane, Lisa and Mark Osberg also post in the blog. Terry seems to get quite a few comments with his controversial approach.

I'll be biased in terms of content. I'll vote for animation tips over philosophy at this time.

I saw some good stuff around on other blogs, like 'what do you do with a character's hands? - do they always need to be meaningfully sculpted?'

There's also the topic of how to animate really, really fast. In that some student animators talk about being scared at producing 10 to 15 seconds of animation in a week. So that raises the question; how long is an animator's week?

I know from working with Mark that 60 seconds of limited Flash animation per week (with all the preproduction done and in place) is achievable. But it would be interesting to know how a project is broken down into time allocations in the real world.

As for naming of the your rants how about "Eruptocon" or "Fabdazulation" or "Wibbly Wobbly Web Warble" or "Twang" or "Maenad" (attendant of Dionysus)or "Oration", "chat", "Logorrhoea"?

Ian said...

Monday Dana :)

MattG said...

I like "rants". :D Maybe "editorials" would make them sound more serious. It's a lot better than "The deranged ramblings from Ian's unstable mind", which is my personal choice.

animation_student said...

I like "ramble". It's like going out in the countryside and getting caught up on thorny issues.

Ian said...

Hmmm, I like ramble too. Like a rant, but not so crazy.

Mitch said...

First of all, congratulations on the show Ian. I can't imagine how excited you are over it.

Now on the topic about showing us animation through your blogs, and your theory. It's interesting, because you only show us these video's because we're awefully lazy and don't have the same "online animation sniffer nose" that you've got. But the theory you give us about your thoughts on animation is more of a rare thing to find on the internet "and luckily for us it just so happens that we know about it to begin with and sadly we take it for granted". I agree that of course you're never 100% right, and theres always a better answer, but then again, if there was all the perfect answers out there you would have found them already and linked them for us on the ARC blog anyway. It's much easier for us to seek animated clips than animation knowledge. So I'd like to think that this is a great thing your doing, and if you're willing to put in the extra hours to "share your stories around the camp-fire" those of us who are interested will be sure to listen in.

AND as for the name for you to call these "rants" I think it's time for you to use bloggers poll sidebar tool to some good use. And put up all the possible words for people to vote for their favourite... thats if you truely want this blog to be an online animation community democracy.

Or you can just pick your favourite one and go with that ^_^.

Also I'd like to take out two birds with one stone with thie comment and congratulate Terry and Kate on getting married and taking that next step forward in life. Best wishes for the both of you.

Ian said...

Hey Mitch

Havn't seen ya in a bit. Been away? Sick? Hope all is well.

Thanks for the encouragement. Hey you never know I might get it 100% right one day ;P

Selling Mertle hasn't been that exciting, its all so slow, even now we sign the docs and send them away and hear nothing for weeks. Every tiny step seems to take forever. Still I'm not complaining.

Mitch said...

yeah, have no fear I'm coming in tomorow. Trying to submerge from all too frequent life-calamities. I'll be back and drawing key-frames, moving backgounds, and hands and feet in no time.

Terry said...

Ian, I like "ramble" best but I also like "rant". And "editorial". And whatever you call them, I hope you keep them up. Otherwise I might have to start posting my own rants, and they'll inevitably be more vitriolic and disjointed than your thoughtful efforts.

Cheers Mitch!

Danielli said...

I think you should put a warning at the beggining of your longer posts.
WARNING, may contain high levels of undeniable passion, spelling mistakes and certain trace elements that have been linked to the sudden need to strut your funky stuff.

No i don't understand what i am talking about either.
Congrats on the show too.

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