The Animals Save The Planet

New animation from Aardman. Yay!

12 different shorts for Animal Planet.

Found at: No Fat Clips

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frank said...

I love the web site design and controls on the media player. It's all sort of doughy and plasteciney.

The first short is a fart gag (Ian knows how much I love fart gags)> But as he has pointed out previously in the ARC blog; a fart gag done well is nothing to be ashamed of.

This fart gag has a greenhouse gas message, so I'll refrain from critisising the narrative too much. It's our, human's, fault that there are so many cows farting, anyhow.

The animation is great. And the characters are appealing. Look at the amazing way the cow flies arouns. Is that stop motion?

Keeps the "make 'em laugh and make 'em think" formula at the forefront of animation with a message.