Web Comics!

The 2nd Year students are working on two comic book projects this semester, and have thus far endured weeks of me blabbing about related theory. They've also had plenty of reading time, and have had access to some of the best print comics in the history of the medium (in my opinion - they're my comics, after all!). But one aspect we haven't really looked at yet is online comics. Here are links to some that I am aware of. Be sure to check out PUP (pictured to the left)... it's a great little strip.

As you look, pay close attention to how the creators have (or perhaps haven't!) adapted the traditional print format into a screen-friendly read.
Buck Godot - Zap Gun for Hire

Girl Genius
You'll Never Die
Sam and Fuzzy
Dr McNinja

Lastly, Web Comics Nation is a great resource for finding more web comics.

So... anybody want to share their own favourites?


johor johor kite said...

nice blog...

Ian said...

Fosil Fools

Posted about it before, but worth another mention. :)

Adam_Y said...

My comic, the flowfield unity is a direct descendant of its print counterpart, so much so that what you see on screen is exactly as it appears in print with minimal digital messing around.

Lisa said...

Hellboy comics. I never read them until a few years ago, but the stark style of them is amazing - great silhoette posing, minimalist in many ways - but very strong. Recommend starting at the beginning if you are going to try one. Much like Sin City too.

Sam said...

Pup was beautiful.

I'm glad the course still features the comics class. It's a great way to explore and experiment with storytelling in a way that can easily be applied to animation. With no spare time it seems impossible to play with making a short film, but I find consolation knowing that creating a short comic is realistically achievable. (But I'm still yet to do that either) :)

Considering that your first idea is rarely your best, it must help to be able to try out story ideas without having to commit to the whole animation production process.

And having access to Terry's collection was the comic book equivalent of being allowed inside the Vatican library.

Terry said...

Cheers Sam. Lovely to hear you say that... your 2-page autobio comic, in particular, will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Terry said...

And Lisa, rest assured I have been pushing Hellboy comics at the students from Week 1! Love Mignola's artwork... such an original and beautiful style.

Ian said...

Here is one from a student I had in one of my character illustration short courses.


Hayao Miyazaki said...

If I draw a comic, I draw something not meant to be animated. Otherwise, there would be no meaning-for me-in what I do. Nothing can be less interesting than a comic that has been drawn with the hidden intention of turning it into a movie. Although there are lots of comics like that, they are inferior products. A comic book is a comic book. It's different from a movie.