Shawn Kelly

Over the last three weeks the current 2nd year animation students at Southbank have finally been getting down and dirty with some 3D character animation.

I've found this page full of useful tips from Animation Mentor teacher Shawn Kelly. There is some great stuff here (check the list down the left hand side of the page), its fascinating to read that he actually draws his arcs on the monitor and hides the legs of the character for his first run at an action scene.

Its great to have access to the thought s of a teacher who can say something like, "As an example, there was a scene in Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith where I had this idea of having Yoda chop this guy down and then throw his lightsaber at another guy, leap up onto his chest, pull out the lightsaber as the guy falls, and then leap over the dying guy's head to attack the next clone trooper in line." How cool is that?!?!


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