Oktapodi - Gobelins Graduate Film 2007

oktapodiImagine having your student film mentioned in the same breath as the Oscar winning Rataouille?

Well that's what is happening for these 6 students from Gobelins in Paris.

Does it help get you a job?*

There's no online clip to view as yet, due in April 2008, because the film is constrained by entry into major film festivals. But the appealing character designs, colour schemes, awards and general 'feel' of the film can be captured by visiting the web site: http://oktapodi.com/

This may give the 2nd years some inspiration for their major project?

Related links: http://www.gobelins.fr/galerie/animation/ - see previous graduate student films

*Student Blog: "Julien Bocabeille Location: Paris, France. I was student at Gobelins, did "Oktapodi" and I am now working as a character animator in San Francisco... "


frank said...

Arghh. zero comments like a sharpened pencil through my paper drawn heart.

rurubabe said...

well done. i saw the clip yesterday at tres courts and i thought it was briliant :) i love it, i can't wait to see it again