More Splashing

A few posts back I was prattling on about FX animation, and as an example I animated a splash.

So have you seen the new Schweppes commercial, talk about excellent reference material right on cue. Apart from being a gorgeous ad (a real step up from other schweppes bits), you can really study the way the water moves here, all be it under highly controlled circumstances. If you look closely you can see that each splash has an overall shape, but is also made up at any given time by individual elements moving in seemingly random directions at seemingly random speeds. Beautiful.

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animation_student said...

Yes, this one created quite a stir and bunches of students around monitors.

Those extremely high speed cameras open things up for accurate observational study and then applying into animation.

Stuff like insect wing beats, cobra strikes. All those things too fast to see.

We now have the ability to see the shapes and smears! So, not only can we animate the anticipation and consequence of a high speed action, but also hint (in maybe one frame) a smear that is a realistic shape created by physics.

It'll work at a suggestive level, right next to instinct and emotions in the brain.

It's to add to the viewer thinking, "I liked that, but I don't know why. There was just something about it."