Maya Basics

1st year animation students at Southbank have just had a quick play with Maya before starting a long stint of traditional animation, while the 2nd year students are knee deep in Maya, sinking fast and may never return :)

I've found these great and easy to follow tutorials (6 in all) on youtube that some might find interesting. For 1st years its a chance to get an overview of the whole program as apposed to the small section of animation tools I have show you so far. For 2nd years its a chance to get a look at the software from another point of view, which can be valuable because there are usually 10 different ways to do anything in a program like Maya.


frank said...

Maybe skip the first one, the intro tutorial, it's got no practical tips and give the student showreel a miss as well.

I'm just checking out the rest now.

animation_student said...

I like this post. The guy has a different approach and I've found some new buttons and menus the way he explains them.