Drawing Faces

Mark Kennedy has an interesting post on his blog about a technique he has been experimenting with to help him get better at drawing faces. Looks cool.


Sam said...

I've been doing a lot of modeling practice this week and that technique applies really well to visualising the contours of the face to build in 3D.

Ian said...

Hey thats interesting.

I've been thinking a lot of late about ways to make sure we carry our drawing sensabilities with us into our 3D animation at Southbank. Seeing as other institutions are backing away from drawing, I think we should make sure we capitalise on the difference. Make a strength out of it, promote it and so on.

frank said...

Taking the drawing to 3D. It's a great initiative.

I even dreamed that Maya had a tool that overlaid the chracter with a screen where lines could be drawn. (Sort of like having the chracter in a clear glass box).

I was wondering, if that clear perspex over the screen will create that pixel halo effect that we got with the transparent plastic.

I discovered that white board marking pen marks aren't so easy to remove from some plastics as they ere from a whiteboard.

Can't wait to experiment some more and draw those poses on-screen before posing the 3D character.

If it works, I reckon it will be a great animation tip to post for those of us who cant't afford those draw-on screens.

frank said...

Oh, the whole point (about the last post).... then we can apply these planar mapping ideas for faces to modelling characters in 3D.

Ian said...

There is a plug in for drawing into Maya, I just found it a bit combersome, I'll look it up.

Ian said...