Rhubarb Zoo

This piece combines hand animated elements with photographic elements in three dimensional space to create yet another classy piece of motion graphics.

But wait there is something different, a... a...... a narrative! and look…… character development!!!

Could it be that motion graphics techniques are on the verge of shedding the TV commercial shackles of their origins in order to give birth to a whole new animation storytelling medium? Could After Effects and similar compositing tools be set to empower a whole new generation of film makes? Wooh Nelly!

It’s a big file, if your on limited band width there is a flash version Here.

Found at: No Fat Clips

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frank said...

My band width was limited, but still as a choppy display I agree on the classiness.

It's nice to be at a birth, as long as it is successful.

I feel empowered. Show me how to drive After Effects.