Rat Movie Wins! (Your Friend the Rat)

I found this blog that goes behind the scenes on the award winning animated film, Your Friend the Rat.

Some other rat movie directed by Big Bird, or someone related to him, won some other, minor, statuette. (Hey, it was a 3D film . That new fangled computer stuff is just a flash in the pan... It'll never catch on).

Back to 2D! (gold lettering accompanied by angelic choir) ...

The blog has some insider photos that go with descriptions like, "Located in story alley on the second floor of Pixar, you would walk by the corral and hear that awesome sound of pencils sharping and paper flipping."

Nice colour and design. Guess who?So I suggest that it might be worth ratting around in Jim Capobianco's Leonardo blog, that has the intriguing byline, "adventure and absurdity in making an animated short" (Grade 2's take note).

If anyone finds a reliable video clip link for Your Friend the Rat, please post it in the comments. Otherwise check out the Extras on your Ratatouille DVD.


animation_student said...

I think that small rat picture looks like Lou Romano's style? But I'm not sure.

He did provide the voice for Linguini, though.

I'm not sure that Ratatouille had a minor win... and Big Bird, isn't that blasephemy?

simon said...

The art design is by Nate Wragg. He's got a cool blog.

Here's more info

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ian, now that Rat won an Oscar, we need a real Ratatooee blog post full of Brad Bird (Big Bird, hehe) stuff because Roman loves Brad Bird.

Ian said...

I post about Brad Bird all the time, just do a search for his name using the search tool at the top left hand cornert of the blog :)

Jeff Pepper's Blog said...

"It's funny that so much of the ... buzz about Your Friend the Rat ... is focused on the fact that it is largely comprised of two dimensional animation.

For in truth, the roots of this particular endeavor can be found not simply so much in its more traditional hand drawn format, but in the cartoon modern style trappings and fast paced irreverent humor found in early Disney television productions largely written and directed by Ward Kimball."

Ian said...

Here here. 3D? 2D? ShmeeD!

Is it an original idea?
Is the story well told?
Is the art direction good?
Hows the character design?
Are poses good?
Are they well times?
Was it entertaining?

Hu HUUUU!?!?!??!??

Ian said...

I know I've been going on a bit lately about 2D animation, but that is as a learning device, not because one kind of animation is better than another.

frank said...

Schmee D?

Is that from Peter Pan :)