The Future is Scary

Having trouble with your 3D modelling? Maybe this 7 YEAR OLD CAN HELP YOU!!!!


I feel so redundant.

As a general rule I try not to link to youtube clips because it is blocked on the Southbank PCs, but this is just to amazing to miss.

Foud at: The Thinking Animation Blog


animation_student said...

Nah,your UFO tutorial was much better.

That 7 year old should go back and redo grade 12.

frank said...

One thing I noticed about this kid's tutorial was that he was working with the picture icons in the customised tool bar to select tools.

I think that is something to note.

The drop down menus have way too much writing to deal with. Refinding the pathways can be frustrating.

Animation students and 7 yr old kids work better with pictures.

It's like we can watch video tutorials, but it is near impossible to work through pages of a text book or lecture notes.

That's what I picked up on in this post.

Maybe we need to load up our custom tool bar for more effective Maya application?

I wonder if indusstry animators work with a fully loaded custom toolbar?

Ian said...

There are about 4 different ways to select all of the menu items in maya.

Another common one is called the hotbox. If you hold down the space bar over the work area, it pops up, some like it because they can hide all the other interface bits and give themselves more room to work in.

I choose to teach the menus because everyone already knows how they work. Think back to when you first encountered Maya, didn't you have enough new stuff on your plate as it was?

Now that your getting more comfortable with the interface I think you can choos to use your own combination interface bits :)