Being Ian: Canadian Flash!

Check out Ian's bedroom Being a student is great. It allows some afternoon time to watch... er, um ... study classic cartoons on community TV. Or to watch kid's TV on ABC.

I 'studied' the show "Being Ian" episode 33; 'Being Principal Bill', yesterday afternoon. The story line for that episode is based on the film 'Being John Malkovich' But what really caught my mixing 2D and 3D for good effectattention was the use of mixed 2D and 3D animation to good effect in the opening scene where the main character is day dreaming.

Some other reasons to check out the web site for animation students are:

  • the web site design using Flash animation (an animated web site is an effective way to promote the skills of an animator);

  • there is some information about portfolio production tips for applying for a job at Studio B who produce the 'Being Ian' series (and Clash of Titans... George of the Jungle)
    Studio B storyboarding


animation_student said...

Hey, please, do any of the 'working' Flash animators know of good examples of 'animated' web sites ( like this one: that students can look at for ideas?

We have to make our own web sites later this year.

Ian said...

Check out the FWA (Favourite Website Awards). Heaps of stuff there to rumage through. Not all flash, but plenty of it is. :)

Ian said...

This one is amazing

Ian said...

It took me a while to realise that the other characters walking around were other peoplr visiting the website, its like a chat room and website in one. COOL!

frank said...

Hey Ian

What's the animator drawing on in the bottom photo of the original post?

It looks like he's drawing direct on the screen. We were told that we can't draw on the (edges of) the light boxes at school, so I imagine we're not allowed to draw on the screens ;)

Can we get some for school?

Ian said...


Ian said...

Here is another flash site.

Kristi said...

Hey Frank,
The draw-on screen looks a lot like a Wacom Cintiq. Very pretty, very VERY expensive. A studio I used to work at got a couple of them for the background artists to try out - and they hated them. Apparently they were just too inaccurate between where you're drawing and where you think you're drawing. It might be fine for rough storyboards, as shown here. That was some years ago... perhaps the newer ones are better?

frank said...

Thanks Ian and Kristi

frank said...

I reckon an animated web site is a better promotional tool than a blog for promoting the employability of a new grad?

What do you reckon?

Ian said...

Hmmm I don't know. Its not like you can't feature a lot of animation on a blog too.

Also theres the fact that people expect a blog to be updated, if your of boarder line interest they might come back later and you have a chance to hook em again with something new.

Of course you can update a web page too, but do people return to a web page expecting it to be updated?

Another consideration is how big of a commitment your willing to make. If people come to your blog, but the last post you made was 3 months ago, that dosn't look good.

Mark O's site is interesting, it has a blog built into it, and I've seen many sites that have a link to the artists blog as well, like Sam's site.

Guess its just horses for courses.

Shruthi Dommeti said...
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