Tezuka and Miyazaki Museums

Since on the topic of Japanese animation earlier.....Anyone who will be travelling, or wishes to travel to Japan, don't forget to check out these two places...The Studio Ghibli Museum and the Tezuka Museum. The Ghibli Museum is very well known, and you will need to book tickets to go here at least 3 months in advance. The official website (click on the words 'studio ghibli museum) is all in japanese, but the images give you a good idea. If you click on the picture, it goes to a site that tells you more. If you think yes please, I want to go there...I've found the place in Australia to book them is here (click on the gold coast email to ask about details). It's very hard to book tickets anywhere else and you'll need to specify an exact day that you will visit, and passport details as well. You will not be able to buy tickets once in Japan unless you can read Japanese fluently enough to use the little vending machines around the place that could sell you one.
The Tezuka Museum I've heard nothing much about, but looks really interesting! With the new Astro -Boy film coming out sometime it will probably re-ignite an interest in all things Tezuka!


frank said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for the post.

Do you know if there would be any chance of actually visiting or sweeping up the pencil shavings at a Japanese animation studio?

As well as visiting these fantastic cultural shrines.

Lisa said...

Hi Frank, heh, I don't know about sweeping up pencil shavings, but the link to the Tezuka museum says that you can actually sit at a lightbox there and do some animation..kinda cool. I'll have a look into studio visits... I"m guessing they probably don't have much of it , as they work CRAZY hours over there and probably wouldn't have time for bugeyed tourists coming through. I'll be visiting in August for a week, so I'll look into it.