I hate 4WDs with a passion. But I just can't let this ad go unposted. Its so cute!

Broken Link Fixed.
Found at: The FEED Blog


frank said...

Need a link Ian.

I hate what 4WDs represent as well.

Ian said...

What a shame it wasn't an ad for Vespa's hey Frank :)

frank said...

Vespas are great. Except when it rains.

4WDs are the natural enemy of the Vespa and form long canyons at red traffic lights.

We still need a link to the ad to find out what all the fizz is about.

Ian said...

woops, I'll fix it.

Lisa said...

ban 4wds!!! and Hummers! (i class them as some type of overblown inflated 4Wd, so different class all of their own).

..and especially those Hummer Limo's!! They should go too :-)

frank said...

OK, just watched the film/advert, I'm convinced. I shouldn't be a generalist and spread my hate so willy-nilly.

Jeeps are great, every other 4WD, however, remains evil until it also is shown to be good by the great god Animation.

I agree with lisa.

On the animation, I like the design concept and child-like crayon render applied to the 3D medium.