Happy 11 Second Club

Hey there everyone, hope you had a happy Xmas and New Years. Big thanks to Frank and Lisa for keeping the ball rolling while I took a break.

When reflecting on last year my one overwhelming observation was that I hadn't actually produced much animation. Probably my least productive year in that regard since I started my career. I did make over 65 video tutorials, and they did prove to be quite time consuming (still have a few to go too).

So my new years resolution is to animate more, and maybe to try and post some of it on this blog. I thought I'd kick things off by having a go at the December 11 Second Club contest, and here is my entry :)

I only ended up finding 3 days to work on it, what with family and other work stuff, and would have liked to spend more on it, but this is all I could manage in the time. Why not drop by the 11 second club and join up? Why not drop by the 11 Second Club and have a look around, if you visit soon you can vote for the December contest. Get involved its a great site!


frank said...

I look forward to working through the 58 entries listed so far.

My 2D entry wasn't finished in time. That's an animation lesson in itself.

More and more I learn the toughest part about animation is sitting down and animating.

One of the greatest rewards is finishing something.

Ian said...


frank said...

Voting has started. It's going to be fun checking out how animators interpreted the dialogue.

The new dialogue is available as well.

frank said...

The 2D animation was voted most popular once again.

I looked through the whole list and found my voting to vary drastically from the norm.

I get the impression that most of the critiques are looking for 'reality'? They say stuff like over-acted and they like subtlty.

Is that a symptom of the majority 3D style still being immature and unaware that animation is not bound by reality and physical sciences.

Are they questing for a 1930's Disney reality?

Surely we should be challenging the limits of imagination rather than binding ourselves with science?

Surely physics and behaviour are just tools for creating recognisable touchpads for people who fear losing their minds.

Terry said...

Great stuff Ian - that's a gorgeous piece of work. You are a fantastic character actor. Love your work with the boy's eyes. Boo hiss to me for not voting!

Ian said...

My favourite won.

I must say I was surprised at some of the ones that got more votes than me though. Maybe they had lots of friends, or maybe I was judged harshly because I have more experience than many. All of which is fair enough.

I would have been upset if the winner didn't win, man there is a lot of work in that. Alot more than any of the 3D ones, and it is so nice.