Enrico Casarosa on Ghibli

The Ghibliworld web site has posted a great interview with Pixar storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa in which he talks about the inspiration he draws from Miyazaki films.

I'm always happy when I see top end industry folk saying things like, "the process here is very much one of doing and redoing, making things better step by step. It involves a willingness to pick apart the movie and its themes." He even used my favourite word for this "process", one of the biggest adjustments an animation teacher has to force upon her/his students is this idea that the work requires an investment of time and that over time you make it better. You can't just sit down and pop out some work and expect it to be your best.

Another thing I see students grapple with is the idea that to a degree they will have to get used to being told what to do and how to do it. Given this quote from Enrico, "The huge difference is that at Ghibli storyboards are done by the director and they are followed without exception. So you find a very different way of doing things there, the studio and its artists are following the leader’s vision without deliberation, editing or feedback necessary." Maybe students should consider themselves lucky they will work in a culture where they will be listened to at all.

Its a great interview, look out kids there's a learnin to be done!

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animation student said...

Arrgh! I really want to read this interview but I'm to busy animating on my holidays.