Brand New School

Check out the reel from the Brand New School, school of film and television. Man there is some sophisticated stuff here, it looks like they do real commercial jobs. Seeing work this good from students just makes me think we have so much work to do.


animation student said...

I was distracted by the "Here's to Beer" project they have on their site. And my internet connection aint as fast as Ian's, so the showreel takes a bit of downloading.

It's interesting to see short clips and 'viral' marketing. Is this the type of work that will be facing us when we graduate. Quick, sharp, punchy animations for mobile phones and players? Are we being prepared for that?

Maybe Terry knows?

Ian said...

We don't make the choice of where you will apply for work in the future. There is definately work about in that kind of area, but it will be up to you where you go.

If you're a student heading into second year (who ever you are :) then hopefully you can see that the course is highly maluable.

Instead of asking what we are preparing you for, tell us what you want to be prepared for and we will help you get there. This isn't school any more, you will have to take some responsibility for your direction, or chances are you won't end up prepared for anything.

Ian said...

My admeration for the reel was in reguard to the execution of principle (design, timing etc). Thigs that would be useful in any context.

Sam said...

That name's a bit misleading, they're a regular old commercial studio full of battle-hardened professionals, not an actual school.

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it so you'd continue striving to produce students of that calibre, but I'm worried you might implode under the pressure of those expectations.

frank said...

I wonder if a 2D Animation Factory would be called "Old School"?

Ian said...

Thought it may be to good to be true, I should read more before I post (grin)

Bring on the preasure!

In Australia, a 2D studio would be called "Bankrupped" or "Slave Labour". Your choice.