Animation Tip: Internal Silhouette

Villain poses are often scheming and hunched. Clutching their evil plans close to their black hearts. So how do we, as students of animation, get to create a meaningful silhouette?

It could be well argued that one of the best villains in animation from 2007 was Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons. He shows the importance of having large (spider-like) white hands in front of his black costume for those villainous, scheming poses. Those hands form part of his internal silhouette.
The Power of Silhouette from the Spline Doctors blog.


Ian said...

LOVE the bowler hat guy!

frank said...

Must be raining in Brisbane. Sorry to land a post right in the middle of your run of posts Ian.

Yeah, I think Bowler Hat Guy stole the show.

Ian said...

No worries, I'm sorry your post came out down the list a little, it actually has some great educational value. Untike my fluf.

How dod you find that blog, if you don't mind me asking?

frank said...

Eric Scheur is the animator that runs that blog. He is an Administrator on the 11SecondClub web site.

He shoots with some extra bowstrings: a Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies from, finidshed in 2006.