Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og seems to be some kind of Celtic legend, an Island of eternal youth or something. Its also a truly beautiful film. Stunning colour and shot composition, and see if you can spot some of the brilliant blended Traditional and 3D stuff. Gorgeous!


Frank said...

This is another French, student animation, isn't it? From the Emile Cohl College in Lyon?

Frank said...

There's a TouTube link as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNF6zH3pjDU , if you the MySpace vid don't work.

The notes say, "An animated short done as an endstudies film (Ecole Emile Cohl - France)." 'Endstudies' translation may mean a final year (3rd year) student?

Frank said...

Finally got it downloaded. I'd say this animator is influenced by Michael Dudok de Wit "Father and Daughter".

Fursy said...

Hello everybody

Thanks for creating such a nice post regarding my film. Oh, when i wrote "endstudies" i didn't know what was the good word in english, it's "graduation film". so yes, my last year (4th) in the Emile Cohl school. :-)
Thanks for your comments.