Ed Catmull on Spline Doctors.

Do yourself a favour and drop by the great Spline Doctors blog to hear an interview with Pixar genius Ed Catmull. He talks about what it took to get Pixar started, what it will take to keep it going, and why he thinks Disney traditional animation fell to pieces over the past 10 years or so. Most of all I like his reflections on creativity, what it is and how it works, its the closest I've ever herd anyone express it to my own point of view.


Sam said...

Goddamn that man can talk some sense. He's like the Obi-wan to Katzenberger's Vader.

Frank said...

Thanks Ian for explaining what a spline is, today in class. And I though it meant a chiropractor. (Is that some kind of dinosaur?) My spline is fine. Until tomorrow afternoon's 3D class.