HOLY MANOLY!!!!!!! Could this be the holey grail I have been seeking?!?!? A 100% FREE pencil animation program with all the features I want. . . . . . Rotating canvas? (check), Camera Layer? (check), Audio? (check), Vector and Bitmap capabilities? (check), export in multiple and convenient formats? (check). My PC is a lightbox! YEAH BABY!

The latest version (with the camera) isn't officially released yet but they have a down loadable preview on their forum, I'll link direct to the download with the pic. Or you can go via the Home Page.

Another cool thing is that it seams to run straight from an executable without any need for installing. We may be able to start using it on the Tafe computers straight away :)

Thanks to the Splinedoctors blog for spotting this one.


Sam said...

Very cool, nice and lightweight with no unnecessary bloat. I'll have to try it with the wacom when I get home, although it just makes me want to set up the lightbox again and do the same thing with - *gasp* - paper.

Ian said...

I've discovered there is a bug with Windows and Wacoms... and the forum on the sight indicated that it may never get fixed (because the programmer is a Mac user).

Sigh..... so close yet so far. :(

Ian said...

The latest Forum post indicates that they do intend to fix the Windows bug at some stage.

Lisa said...

a bug? what is that..i've never had an issue with my wacom..i mean it's the lowest version you can get so the sensitivity isn't anything to write home about. Is it a bug with making it stop work, or how it works?

Ian said...

The bug is not with the Wacom, its something in the software. The pen seems to breakdown over about a 5 min period. You have to push harder to get it to make a mark and it switches to the wrong drawing tool. Eventually it just stops.

You can restart it, or even re install the tablet driver and it still dosen't start working again.

Latest from the forum is that a new programmer has signed up to try and fix the problem, hopefully soon :)