Labor for gamers?

Politics comes to the ARC. This Article in the age indicated that the Labour Government may be in favour of affording the Gaming Industry the same tax incentives that the Film and TV biz enjoy.


Anonymous said...

On politics - I remeber last year something about the government funding a project that turned out to be a anti-government game about escaping from woomera detention center. I assume it was scraped or something. Actually I got no idea what happened so I shouldnt assume.


Ian said...

I saw that same game on a doco called not quite art just the other night. They were talking about the fact that because games are so close to the pointy end of things economically games with something to say or a new perspective never get past the development stage. So I guess it never got past the development stage.

They also said that games that tell Australian story are near impossible to get made because they have to sell in the US. I think thats the point of this tax rebate. If more Australians are willing to invest their money in games developement then they are more likely to suport projects that are a bit OZ.