New Toys

For a long time now I've been itching to get into some Compositing action with After FX and live action footage. I think its something we just have to explore at tafe. Mainly because we don't have to add to the course to do it. We have lots of ideas about new stuff we could teach, but often its a case of "how can we fit it in?".

But in this case we already learn about Traditional, Flash, 3D and After FX animation. Its just a matter of bringing it all together, hardly any new content required.

One ingredient has been missing, a digital video camera. I'm trying to get one sorted for the Tafe, but seeing as how QUT finally came through with some consistent pay checks I've gone out and bought one for myself too. Here is my first go at putting together some 3D and Live action. Can you believe I did this in an afternoon?!?!

After FX Rocks!

You can download a better quality version from below.

Microsof MPEG-4 Video Codec V3 compression (3meg)
Div X MPEG4 Compression (2meg)


Sam said...

Hahaha, that's way awesome. Did you film with a static camera and add the camera moves in After Effects? Very effective, and the girly scream is chillingly real.

Ian said...

Yep thats how ya do it. :)

Ian said...
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KT said...

hey, that's funny! hahhaha. nice job, getting that all done in an arvo! you might have unknowingly abandoned a career as a b grade horror star, you know!

Robyn said...

=O You do realise I've been waiting to ask you if we're going to be ever do animation into live action for like...AGES! Oh pleasepleaseplaespaleapsellpleasee tell me we're going to do some work like this in class~! *begs* I've been wanting to do that kind of stuff for AGES~~ *throws on costumes* I even came prepared! ^o^

Ian said...

Yes we will, in fact I'm gona make you do it :) ..... Dosn't sound like that will be to hard though.