As a 30 something year old teacher I run a serious risk of alienating myself from my young students by talking about music. But what the hell :)

Back when I was a teenager (yes way back then) the first ever album a bought with my own money (instead of taping stuff of my older brothers') was Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants. I'm pretty proud that it was something so indi when I was in a semi rural town in a time before Rage was on TV, Triple J could be herd outside of the big cities and when the local radio thought Pink Floyd qualified as "alternative" .

Back then I had no idea I would have a career in animation, but to my constant delight TMBG have continued to produce songs that I like and used animated film clips.

Recently I found two newer ones so I figured I would do a bit of an overview. Believe it or not this is just a sample of some of the animated film clips they have done, or should I say They Might Have Done :)

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