Spline Doctor now making house calls

Pixar animator and Spline Doctor Stephen Gregory is now accepting applications for some limited private tutoring spots.

It's US$450 for 6 x 1 hour tutoring sessions (spread over 6 weeks) conducted over webcam. You get to choose what to focus on in the sessions, whether it's reviewing your own student/personal projects or exercises set by Stephen. It sounds like a good way to get a focused concentrated burst of Pixar-quality wisdom to add shine to your animating abilities. $75 an hour seems like a reasonable price too.

More info here.


Sam said...

PS. how is that for a clever headline huh? Huh?! I should be writing headlines for a tabloid newspaper or something.

It reminds me of all the cooking puns that seem to fill every review of Ratatouille:

"Ratatouille is delicious"
"A feast for the senses"
"Ratatouille has all the right ingredients"

Ian said...

Are you gona sign up Sam?

Sam said...

I'd like to, but I don't have enough spare time to really make the most of it. Between fulltime work, freelance work and family, I doubt I'd find the one hour a week for the meetings, let alone actually animating.

Hopefully he keeps doing it for future years.